Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fitting Time

Day 364
After a yummy English breakfast we had a fitting. Everything was really good and we ordered more. Doesn't everyone need to have a winter coat in 90 degree heat?!?! The sheer amount of things we had was really getting to be problematic. To make matters worse when we got back to the shoe place I ordered a pair of custom made crazy sneakers. After the shoe place we preceded to shop some more. This was really getting to be problematic!

For dinner that night we took a cook class that was just the two of us. It wasn't nearly as hands on or professional as the one in Chang Mai had been. We did the cutting but the actual cooking was done by the girl who was teaching us. At least we got to do the eating. It was very good. I didn't even get to have the main dish though. We had to pick the same thing and Nicole had her heart on learning how to cook fish. I don't like fish, but went ahead and did that because she was so had been looking forward to it so much. I don't think I could have eaten much more food anyways.

Later we once again attempted the night life. We ended up at a bar way out of town on the beach. This had to be the worst beach bar I have ever been too. I'm glad that the bar offered free mini buses to and from their location.

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