Saturday, March 14, 2009

Easy Day

Day 367
Over breakfast we decided to cut Mu Ni out of our plans and stay the day in Delat.

The thing to do in Delat is to take an Easy Riders tour. These are local guys who speak English well and have classic bikes. The English I can confirm, the bikes, I don't know. What I can tell you was that I thought it was quite over priced if you consider what I have gotten for much less not just in other countries, but also in Vietnam.

The first place we stopped was a coffee plantation. It was only sorta interesting, but they had these weird types of grass that closed when you touched them. Our second stop was a broom making family. Nicole has an odd love of brooms and quite liked this.

The highlight of the day was the stunning elephant waterfall. even in the dry season it was amazing. It was sad though that there was so much garbage scattered around. Oddly, many of the rocks at the bottom had the same octagonal shape that the rocks at Giants Causeway in Ireland had had. Nicole played the part of a mountain goat to climb up higher while I decided to stay put. I'm not taking any extra chances with my stupid foot! On the way back up I couldn't help but buy one more scarf from a local woman.

We stopped at a local place for lunch and a very drunk man proposed to Nicole. He was so drunk that the beer was dribbling down his chin as he spoke. Nicole said that she would marry him in the morning, but I think she might be skipping out on her promise.

Back in Delat we tried to visit a crazy monk that paints but he was out of the temple for the afternoon. Instead we headed directly to the Crazy House. My book had made it sound like this would be interactive somehow. However, it was just a Gaudiesqe structure that wasn't even finished. I think bits of it were down right dangerous to be walking around. Still, we managed to get several fun pictures of us in the place. Our last stop was the Delat train station which is known for its interesting avante guard decor. The tracks here no longer function so it is purely a tourist site. They also seemed to be doing some type of photo shoot here.

When we got back I was happy to be off of the bike, but had a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. We were only gone for about 4 hours and didn't make all that many stops, in fact they forgot to stop at the lake as we had requested later on. It wasn't really worth it. For dinner we went to a place that was American run. I don't know what I had expected, but it sure wasn't an over priced tortilla.

After dinner we met up with Jimmy, a Danish guy that we had met back in Chang Mai the first night that Nicole and I had gone out together. They both wanted to watch the Liverpool v. Manchester game, but it wasn't playing in the one bar that Nicole and I knew about. We ended up finding a place with homemade beer for 17 cents each, it wasn't that bad, with the game on. They were both very happy because Liverpool won.

After the game we went back to the bar we had started at. Much to our chagrin there were two really annoying Americans there. They kept going behind the bar and making their own drinks. They were pouring them double, triple or more the size of normal drinks. The bartender was obviously annoyed with them and told them that the bar was closing and that they needed to pay. They begged for one more and he put his foot down. They then refused to pay him extra even though they had poured their own drinks and they were extra extra strong. Eventually they gave him most of what they owed and walked out. As soon as the door closed he turned to the three of us and asked if we wanted another round. It was pretty funny. That was our last round though and soon we all headed out.

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