Friday, March 13, 2009

Wheels on the Bus Never End

Day 366
We were both exhausted when we got off the bus in Na Trang and we had further to go. The bus driver told us to wait at a particular hotel and that they would tell us when the bus was coming. I was finally able to check my email here. I was getting desperate because it had been days since aol had let me in.

At 7:10 we were told to go to another office and they told us that we missed the bus. The guy acted like we were total idiots for it. When I asked him what our other options were he said no. No? That's not an answer! I am so sick of people in Vietnam being so rude for no reason. I wanted to snap at him, my tired brain struggled to be nice. In the end he made a phone call and then another bus arrived. I don't know what that was so hard in the first place.

After about an hour on that bus (a comfortable sleeper that I slept on) we were switched to another bus. About 30 km's from Delat the bus stalled. After a few minutes it started again. This went on with the not starting time getting longer and longer every other km or so. About 3 km's out it stopped and wouldn't start. After about 20 minutes the bus driver started getting really angry and kicking the tires. At one point he sat down defeated and looked like he was about to cry. He gave it one last shot and it started.

When we got to Delat, about 2 hours late, someone from the bus company came on and apologized for the delays. This had never happened in Asia before. It was too late though, we didn't have time to get to any of the places we had planned on visiting that afternoon.

After finding our hotel we ate and then took showers. The only thing to do that night was to wander the town for a bit. Delat looked like a nice place and there were tons of people out. There were also a lot of new and trendy looking restaurants, but no one was in them. After a snack we ended up at the one real bar in town where we met a bunch of really nice English people. Unfortunately we were both way too tired to stay out and ended up back at our hotel around 10pm.

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