Monday, March 30, 2009


Day 383
I was up early and had problems getting a cab that would actually use his meter to take me to the Indian Embassy. The one I found drove me the long way so I guess that it didn't matter one way or another. When I got to the embassy I had to get a motorbike around the corner to where they actually issue the visas. Getting my application in was a breeze. The only problem was that I had brought dollars as requested in Vietnam and they wanted me to pay in baht. Half way through I had to run downstairs and change money. Getting my visa here also cost more than it would have cost in Vietnam. To make matters worse due to two days of holidays I wouldn't be able to pick up my passport until the following Tuesday. I was stuck in Bangkok for over a week.

Instead of heading straight back I went to one of the malls thinking I would see a movie. Nothing looked appealing and I ended up getting a pretzel and enjoying the aircon while I read. Before heading out I picked up the 2nd book in the Twilight series and the only one I hadn't read yet. I then grabbed a cab and headed back to the Kao San Road area. When I got back my room was like a sauna and there was no way that I could sit there. Instead I went to the very airconditioned Subway and bought a soda so that I could sit in there.

After dark I headed back to my room and picked up some things from the 7-11. I planed on spending a very nice evening reading and eating junk food. The time I'm wasting here is a pain, but at least I can catch up on sleep and my reading list!

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