Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Holy of Holies

Day 414
When I got off of the train in Varanasi I had little problem finding a tuk tuk that took me straight to the place that I wanted to go. After checking in I got some breakfast and rested for a bit. For lunch one of the hotel guys was nice enough to drop me off at a place that was meant to have bagels. They were just out. I ended up with humus and wrote in my journal for a while.

After eating I finally got myself situated and went to explore the back allies of Varanasi. This is always the time when I wish I could take pictures of people. There were just so many interesting thigns going on. Kids were playing, people were working and vendors called out to me. When I was about to come to the bank of the Ganges a colorful funeral procession passed me. A nearby local who sold the things needed for funerals explained what everything was for. It was very itneresting, but I forgot it as I didn't write it down. Damn my bad memory.

As it had become dusk I decided to walk along the Ganges for a while. There were tons of people out and it was really an exciting place to be. When it grew darker I got a cyclo and headed back to my hotel. The place I was staying at was really friendly but down a dark alley so I didn't venture out again and instead had dinner there. Afterwards I did some hand washing and took a shower. The electricity kept coming and going making this a challange. I was happy to sleep, even if the fan only worked some of the time.

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