Sunday, April 26, 2009


Day 411
Due to the over abundance of people traveling in India I was not able to get the train that I wanted and ended up in Delhi instead. Delhi is such a bad place that even Indians say not to come here. I was here mostly for visas. As it was a Sunday though I would have to kill the rest of the day on my own. The train ride was only three hours which was good, because I consumed a whole lot of chai along the way.

Getting a tuk tuk was a nightmare. I went to the prepaid stand and no one would take me. Eventually I just had to find a cop and he made one of them take me. When I got to my hotel he asked ofr a tip, but I declined. I has decided to treat myself to a slightly nicer hotel with a tv if I had to be in such a terrible place. After resting for a bit I went to do some shoping, but wasn't really in the mood so I just ended up back at my hotel. I was so lazy that I even ordered room service and didn't leave for the rest of the night.

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