Saturday, May 16, 2009

Back in Time

Day 431

When I woke up the only thing I wanted was a happy meal. Thank goodness there are McDonalds all over the place here. While I was trying to explain that I didn't really need the toy another American said that he would like to have it.

It turned out that Godot worked for Hasbro and thought that the other guys in his office would get a kick out of it. We chatted over lunch and I found out that Godot didn't just like happy meal toys, but all kinds. He even repaired old arcade games. He was initially in China for work but had decided to stay in Hong Kong for a week of vacation time.

After lunch Godot came with me to the Hong Kong History Museum. We lucked out because it was the free day. The museum started with the beginning. One exhibit showed a bear trying to get to a snake up a tree. We then moved onto prehistoric man. Hong Kong, well, Kawloon, began as a small market town and grew into a rather large port town. This is where the English would retreat to whenever they lost a battle to the Chinese. We watched a few of the videos on the Opium wars and the handing over of the keys from England’s 99-year lease of the city. Overall the museum was really quite well done and I would definitely recommend it.

After the museum we grabbed a rather late lunch. We then tried to visit a nearby night market but it was still setting up. We ended up just wandering around waiting for it to open for some time. At first it was rather disappointing, but Godot liked the fake Legos he bought. Strangely a lot, and I mean a lot, of the stalls were selling sex toys. This is odd considering that the Chinese government just shut down a sex themed park in another city. After enough wandering we found the main part of the market and it got a lot better. I didn't buy anything though. I figured that I could get it all much cheaper on the mainland.

Once we had made plans for the morning we parted ways. I went to the Irish pub to write and ended up sitting next to a table with a very loud American guy, two English girls traveling together, and one very drunk English guy. The American clearly wanted to hook up with one of the English girls, I don't think he cared which one. He felt the best way to do this was to very loudly talk about how awful American girls are and that he doesn't care to date them any longer. I was just sort of laughing to myself when he asked the guys sitting across the way what country their beers came from. They didn't speak much English and didn't understand, but I knew that Skol beer comes from Brazil so I answered. The girls invited me to join the group. The American guy was not happy about this. I chatted mostly to the girls and managed to make jokes out of all the things he said were so terrible about American girls. The girls thought this was really funny. The American guy’s chance was shot. I said goodnight, my job was done.

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