Sunday, May 17, 2009

Take Me Higher

Day 432

I met Godot at 8 and we got some McDonalds for breakfast. I don't know why I like to eat here when I travel. I think maybe because I couldn't have it in India. After breakfast we took the metro to HK island. Godot picked up an octopus card, I had picked mine up a few days earlier. It gives discounts on metro rides and makes one feel like a local. Plus, you can use it at the 7-11 and that's just really cool.

Our first stop was St. Johns Cathedral, one of the few colonial era buildings left in the city. Apparently it was Sunday and there was a church service in progress. We took a couple of pictures from the back and went on our way.

There are a lot of really touristy things to do here, have you heard of Disneyland HK? Perhaps the biggest is taking the Peak Tram up for an amazing view of the city. The tram is rather old and the incline is quite steep. It really feels like you are about to go careening backwards at any moment. When we got to the top we paid extra to go to the highest viewpoint. It was really amazing. It wasn't a perfectly clear day, but it was clear enough. It was really nice to have someone to take pictures of me as well. We decided to not be lazy and walk the rather steep trail down. When we got to the bottom a local told us that we were quite a ways from the mid-level escalator. It took us 10 minutes to walk there.

Godot and I had planned on doing a walking tour of a traditional area but it was mostly shops and as it was Sunday everything was shut. It was also beyond hot out and we had been walking for some time. We ended up at the mall and seeing the Wolverine movie. It was ok.

After the movie we headed back to Kawloon. I headed to the internet cafe to work on the blog. Later on we met up for dinner and ended up at a fast food Japanese place. It wasn't bad. Godot had heard of some toy shops from his friends so we walked down the street to try and find them. It was a bit rainy and Sunday so the crowds were really down. Also, most of the stores were closed. The ones that were opened did have an awful lot of toys. It was fun for a bit, but soon I was toy overloaded. Plus my feet hurt. We ended up taking the metro back.

Before going to sleep I spent some time online trying to get myself up to date.

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