Thursday, May 14, 2009

Back When

Day 429

Way back when I was in Rome I saw Tom Hanks filming Angels and Demons. Today was the day it was opening. Today was also the day that I was moving to a hotel.

I packed my things and tried to put Pamela's guest room back in order. After writing a thank you note I headed to the theater. I got lucky and there was a showing in just 15 minutes. Thank goodness it was a weekday and I was able to get a good seat. I loved the movie, I think it was better than the Da Vinci code!

On my way back up the world’s longest escalator I went to a place called Just Salad. This had been a favorite of mine in NYC and I was happy to see it. It was a real treat and I took it back to Pamela's to eat. When I was done I got a cab to Kaloon. After checking into my hotel I spent some time online. I was staying at a place called Chunking Mansions, there were dozens of guest houses here. Kao Sahn road in Bangkok is like a palace compared to this place, it was a real ghetto.

I was really close to finishing my book and figured that I could go out another night. It took me longer than I had thought, but Inkheart was worth staying in for a night.

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