Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lazy, Again

Day 428

I was up late. I was feeling lazy and not much like exploring again. Once I had gotten my lazy act together I headed to Kaloon to check my email and to blog a bit. I also figured out my Russia dates.

Pamela has traveled more than any other woman I know. She has already done the transiberian and had the book on it. After grabbing some lunch I headed back to plan my own trip. I would need to tell the embassy what cities I intended on visiting to get my visa. I had just finished when Pamela got back from her business trip.

I didn't know it before, but Pamela was from Singapore where her trip was to. She had been able to visit family and do some shopping while she was there. Well, she actually did quite a bit of shopping and I helped her bring her things upstairs.

We then quickly headed out to an art expo that was in town. I met several of Pamela's friends, including another woman from NYC. After the expo we went out for dinner. It was really nice hanging out with people the way I would have been at home. We were at the same types of places that I used to haunt in the city too. After dinner we went to a bar before calling it a night.

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