Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Like an Old Shoe

Day 427

I was up early and tried to get a cab but nothing was available. It turned out alright in the end as I had no problems finding the place I needed to get my Chinese visa for me. This time I didn't need loads of back up papers, just the form and my passport. I had thought I could get it expedited, but it was just too expensive, so I would be picking it up on Friday instead.

After some breakfast I went searching for the internet. This took me over the island called Kaloon. This is also where I would be staying in a few days when I moved out of Pamela's. I was happy because I was able to call my parents and chat with them for some time. I was really struggling with the switch from India to HK, it’s a big change. Being able to talk to my parents was really nice.

When I was done my lazy self went to the mall to see a movie. I wasn't in a tourist mood. There's something about big cities, like HK, that just make me feel comfortable. I guess it was the four years in NYC. Sometimes it’s hard to be a tourist when you feel too comfortable.

After the movie I just went back to Pamela's and watched some more movies. One of the other people in her building, another American, came by to chat. I had asked for TV help but he didn't know how to use it either. It was nice to chat with someone though.

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