Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Live Long and Prosper

Day 435

My alarm went off early and I packed quickly. I couldn't find some things though so I ended up having to unpack and repack a few times. Apparently I had put some things in some really odd places in the last week. It then took me some time to get the attention of the receptionist so that I could get my key deposit back. When I got in a cab I was really worried about not making it to the train station on time.

I was still in rush mode when I got to the train station so I didn't pick up any breakfast, just got my ticket and had to wait to board the train. I should have gotten some food because I ended up with the gross stuff they serve on the train.

When I got to Guangzhou, and to the immigration point, I had to fill out something stating that I didn't have influenza. I guess the name has changed. I also had to have my temperature taken thru my eye. It was weird. I do have a bit of a cold right now. I seem to get one every time I make a continent change. I was doing my best not to cough or sniffle, but of course it was hard because when you can't do something you feel like you must. Still I managed to get thru, I was in China, for real this time.

At the station I booked a night bus after a lot of haggling with girl. I knew that I was still getting ripped off. However, they would watch my things for the day so I could see the city. I then headed to the metro system. The girl who I bought the ticket from had lied and said that nothing was in English, everything was in English, it was really very easy to figure out. I headed to the Mausoleum of the Nanyeue King, the must do in Guangzhou.

The tomb was discovered on accident in 1983. It dates somewhere between 206 BC and 24 AD. The tomb had never been plundered and the objects were in amazing condition. It was a spectacular find. I couldn't believe how new everything looked. The actual tomb was in a covered structure behind the museum. I had to walk thru the pouring rain to get out there. One room had been furnished and sealed by the king himself. Several of his concubines and guards were also buried with him. I guess in his world you could take it with you.

When I finished at the museum it was still pouring. The other sites on my list were parks, not so nice in the rain. Instead I went to the mall, the largest in Asia. It took some time to find the movie theater. Nothing was in English. Eventually I just headed to the top floor. There was an amusement park here with games, haunted houses and bumper cars. I also found the theater and bought a ticket. I tried to ask the girl where the toilet was but she just kept telling me that it was too early to see the movie. I ended up finding it on my own.

Before Star Wars began there was a visa commercial with Dancing Matt Harding. Pretty funny. The movie was ok, the special effects were great. When the movie was over I wrote for a bit and then headed to get my things for the night bus. This is when I met Mica from Israel. We were then taken by cab to a really sketchy waiting area. We were glad to have one another.

At the first stop I was happy to see a toilet, unhappy to see it was communal. I had to go though. That is something I hope to never experience again! I managed to sleep a bit, but the bed was really too short for me, so it was restless.

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