Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Dance

Day 434

I was up early and had a full English breakfast with Godot. I then headed to a cafe to write for a bit and then to work on the internet for a while.

At 2 Godot and I met up again and headed over to HK island for lunch at a yummy salad place at the mall. Afterwards we said our goodbyes and I headed to the Russian visa place. I was going hours early because I looked at their website and it looked like I could book my transiberian tickets through them. I thought I could get that booked while I waited for my visa to be finished. As it turned out they only book tickets that go all the way through, not point to point. However, my passport was ready to go. I had a 28 day visa to Russia! Russia has been my travel Everest for some time. I can't believe that I actually get to go there. It's just too unbelievable. I about hugged the visa guy, he must have thought I was a nut!

I texted Pamela and told her that I had my visa early so if she wanted I could come over earlier, she had invited me to dinner. Pamela changed the time, but I still had time to kill. I walked back to central Hong Kong taking my time and taking it all in for the last time. I also picked up some super glue to fix my shoe. When I was most of the way up the escalator I stopped to use the glue. Surprise, surprise, I glued my foot to my shoe. This took some time to fix.

Despite walking and taking my time I still turned up at Pamela's about ten minutes early. She had made me a yummy salad and the best steak that I have had since I left home. Pamela has been to 70 countries, I think the most out of everyone I know. I tried to pick her brain about her travels. This trip will leave me at about 60 countries. I'm really grateful that Pamela let me crash at her place and that I got a chance to get to know her better. I hope to see her again in the future, I'm sure that I will.

I wasn't able to stay very late, Pamela has one of those job things and I had a very early train to catch. We said goodbye and I headed down the hill one last time. At the metro station in Kawloon I cashed in my octopus card for the deposit money. I was a pretend local no more. After a few more minutes online I called it a night and went to sleep.

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