Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lucky Day

Day 443

The alarm went off early and I hopped into the shower. While I was packing I realized that I was missing my necklace from India and my glasses. I tore everything apart looking for them. I was just about to leave note with the receptionist when I found them in my purse. I could have sworn that I had already checked there.

After making sure that I had my head I picked up some snacks and went to the bus station. It was raining and I took a cab, he didn't rip me off at all. At the bus station the price was the same without any haggling. I did get really motion sick though. Guess I shouldn't have made fun of all the people who were sick on the way here.

When I got back to Huaihua I met a couple at the bus station that spoke English, they were also headed to the train station and we got a cab together. They they really kindly helped me get a train ticket. Just getting one was lucky, I was told that I had little chance of a last minute ticket. They then helped me order some food at a nearby restaurant before leaving. Everyone at the restaurant gathered around to see if I could use chopsticks. They seemed surprised that I could.

Eventually it was time for me to get my train. It was a boring day, but these things happen.

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