Friday, May 29, 2009


Day 444
I woke up around 7, but still had hours to go so I just went back to sleep. The trains in China are quite nice compared to even the upper classes in India. When they check your ticket they take it and give you a credit card sized piece of plastic. When your stop is next they wake you up. Sometimes they wake you up like an hour early though, and that is rather annoying.

Eventually I woke up again and read until I arrived to Hangzhou. I hadn't booked anything and just picked something out of my book. Not only was that hostel full, but so were all the other ones in the city. I was about to just keep going to Shanghai where I would have more options when an American guy decided to check out late. They waived his late check out fee because I was there to take the bed. It was really lucky.

Once my things were locked in my room I headed out for some money and food. I had to stop at three banks before one would let me withdraw money. I was getting worried that there was something wrong with my card. I then found a Papa John's and had some descent pizza.

After lunch I headed to the Huying Yutang Chinese Medical Museum. I had to ask several different people but eventually made it there. Thank goodness the name was written in Chinese in my guidebook. The museum began as a dispensary and clinic in 1874. Most of the museum was about the different natural things that are used. A bit was about discovery. It was all trial and error. Apparently one guy ate pretty much everything and took notes about what made him sick and what made him better. There were also some funny signs one said "visitors declined," another "onwards, visitor."

After the museum I headed to the movie theater. Night at the Museum was out. I had a couple of hours to kill and spent my time wandering around the promenade by the lake. The movie was ok, but the first was better.

Before heading back to my hostel I had some dinner. At the hostel I met a bunch of other people and we sat around chatting and drinking beers for some time.

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