Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Day 441

I was up early, I would have showered but from the looks of the shower I would have gotten dirtier than I already was. The taxi driver ripped me off but at least I got the right price on the bus.

It was only a 2.5 hour ride and it wasn't that bumpy or windy, but for some reason lots of people were puking. I don't know how I managed to keep it all together.

Once in Yangshuo I wasn't sure if I was actually there. I spent about 30 minutes wandering around before I figured out that I was in the right town after all. I then realized that I was on the wrong side of town and had to get a cab right back to where I had started.

While I was checking in a Chinese girl asked me to help some other westerners get around. She had been helping them but had to leave, for unknown reasons she thought that I spoke Chinese. I told her that I didn't, but we had lunch anyway.

After lunch I did some laundry and ran out to pick up a new journal. I bought the funniest one I could find. On the cover it said "I feel if in my fingers, ifeel ir written on the, know I love you ialways, wind on the, know I love your fingers," inside it said, you are my angel, you don't trust mommy." I love Chinglish. By the time I returned my clothes were done and I hung them out to dry. It was a bit of a crap shoot though, it was so wet out that I didn't think that they would dry in time.

I then went to the Internet cafe and was happy to find out that my memory stick worked and I could actually get some work done. When I had run out of things to type I went for dinner and to write more. After a few hours I headed back to the hostel and fell asleep.

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