Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 440

I was up early, but went for a shower and breakfast before packing up. There was someone asleep in the room and I didn't want to disturb her. Eventually I was out of things to do in the hostel though and she was still asleep. I packed quickly and put my things in storage.

I went to the Internet cafe to write some more before picking up some snacks and heading to the train station.

My train was scheduled to leave at 1:30pm, but I got there early and I was glad. In China you have to go thru security to get into a train station and this takes some extra time.

Once on the train I fell asleep for about 7 hours. Around midnight I got to Huaihua, basically a railroad junction town. I ended up with a really nasty hotel room, they wanted me to pay 100 yuan and I got them down to 20. It was so gross that I wasn't even given a key, if I wanted to leave the room and lock it I would have to get the receptionist to unlock the door. It was better than sleeping on the street though.

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