Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ugg, Rain

Day 439

I was shocked to find that I didn't ache all over when I woke up. After packing I left my bags in storage I went for breakfast. I should have just gone straight to Guilin. It was raining though and I was feeling lazy. I then spent some time online at the hostel.

The first bus to Guilin wouldn't charge me the local price so I didn't get on. I was a bit surprised when they left without me. The second wasn't the same amount of money but when I paid I just handed him the local price. The guy didn't say anything. I would have been really loud about it if he did.

Once in Guilin I went straight to the train station. I had missed the train I wanted by a few hours. I bought a ticket for the next day and went back to the hostel to I had stayed at before. This time I was able to use my student ID so I got it for a bit cheaper. I also ran into Gil and Dong Dong and chatted with them for a bit. I sat in the hostel reading until it stopped raining and then I headed out to find an Internet cafe.

At the Internet cafe none of my memory sticks worked so I ended up just watching South Park and typing for a while. I went back to the hostel before it was dark. After writing for a bit I called it a night.

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