Monday, May 4, 2009


Day 419
It was the cold that woke me up. I wasn't dressed for morning in the mountains. When I got off the bus I trudged up the hill to
McLeod Ganj. The hotel I wanted was full so I ended up having to follow a tout and stay at his place. He said that there was hot water but there wasn't. It was back to the shower hokey pokey.

After breakfast and writing for a bit I went off to find a trek for the next day. None of the places would do anything less than a 36 km round trip. There was no way that I wanted to do that so I decided to pass.

I then found a temple and watched as people turned the prayer wheels. This was just a small temple thoug hadn I headed to the Dali Lama's compound. According to a sign the actual Dali Lama is in Chinese custody and his location is unknown. He is 19. I don't know anything about the Tibet and Chinese problem and won't know anything as the museum was closed.

Instead I headed upstairs to the main temple. The scenery was far more interesting though. I stayed there for some time taking pictures. I also watched as people rolled the gold colored prayer wheels.

After exploring the town a bit more and doing some shopping for some warmer clothes I picked up some dinner and headed back to my hotel. One of my purchases was a really warm shawl. It was a good purchase.

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