Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Shower Tap

Day 420
Since my trekking dreams were dashed I decided to walk to I decided to walk to Bhagsu, about two kilometers away, after breakfast. On the way there I met a guy named Moshe who wanted to walk with me. I said ok but soon realized that I had forgotten my camera and had to head back for it.

Take two. I decided to go all the way to the waterfall. I think that most hotel showers gush more water, it was really quite bad. I never thought that a waterfall could be so boring.

After a snack it began to pour. I popped into a shop I had looked at something before and was about to buy it but the guy yelled at me for dripping a bit and I left. I ended up waiting out the rain with some other travelers over a chai.

When it stopped raining I headed to upper Bhagsu (up the big hill) I found a place that would make me a similar jacket for less money in the colors that I wanted. I killed the time waiting by checking my email.

After picking up my jacket I headed back to McLeod Granj. I was pretty tired and ended up just grabbing some food and heading back to my hotel to read and sleep.

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