Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Day 421
Over breakfast I met a really nice Spanish girl and we spent some time chatting. In fact we talked for so long that it was almost lunch. I had to rush back to my hotel to pack and put my things in storage.

Afterwards I headed back to Bhagsu to pick up the rest of the things that I had ordered the day before. Getting clothing made here is ridiculously cheap. I did have to sit there for some time for some alterations.

I back to McLeod Granj and spent some time online. I then stopped by to visit Moshe. He was fun to chat with and he had offered make me a necklace. I didn't have much time but it didn't take him very long. It was quite a pretty smokey quartz necklace.

Afterwards I had to get a cab up the hill to the bus station because I had way too much stuff to carry at this point. The night bus was mostly empty but it was cold. I ended up having the porter open up the back to get all of my warm clothing and I could just about fall asleep.

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