Friday, May 8, 2009

Weather Blues

Day 423

My plan for Manali had been to go white water rafting or zorbing. It was just way too cold to do anything that was slightly related to water. As it was I had bought leg warmers (yes, leg warmers) to get myself through the night. Instead I decided to spend the day writing and wandering around Old Manali.

After breakfast and chatting with a Tibetian refugee who had never met an America before I headed up to a small temple. The temple wasn't much, but the walk was nice. The view was also quite good, there was snow on the mountains.

When my walk was over I went to an internet cafe to work on the blog, but ended up just chatting with the people who worked there instead. On the way down I suddenly decided that I needed to have some sort of yarn thing in my hair. This took about 20 mintues and then I was on my way again.

Before I knew it it was time for me to head to the bus station. I tried to tell the tuk tuk driver that I needed the public bus station but he insisted on taking me to the private bus station. It wasn't until we got there that he realized his mistake. When we back tracked to the public bus station he had the gull to ask me for more money! I had told him where to go from the begining and he almost made me late, I didn't even want to give him what I owed him.

I had the row to myself but the road was terrible and I felt terrible. I couldn't fall asleep no matter how much I tried. When the road finally was straighter another person got on and sat next to me. His elbows borred into my side and he snored very loud. No amount of pushing could get his elbows out of my rib cage or wake him up. I didn't sleep much on this ride.

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