Friday, June 19, 2009

A lot of Nothing

Day 464
I overslept, well I slept late because of those stupid girls. I was able to dodge a spicy breakfast and went to Dunkin Donuts instead. Even though I had ended up here on accident I still knew that visiting the DMZ was the main tourist attraction. I had seen in on a Globetrekker episode. There were two types of tours. One takes you to the base and the meeting room where soldiers stare each other down, the other to the road that goes to North Korea. The first wasn't available and the later seemed dumb, I've been on roads all over the world. I decided to just skip the tour and spend the day writing in my journal.

I wrote and wrote until my hand hurt. When I went back to the hostel I tried to work on the blog, but I was tired of working and ended up just goofing around on the internet for a while.Before bed I watched some movies and called it an early night. Luckily the girls didn't play strobe light all night long.

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