Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lying Planet

Day 450
I was really tired when I got off the train and it was still pretty early in the morning. The only people around the Yanzhou train station seemed to be taxi drivers, no one would tell me where the bus station to Qufu, my actual destination was. In fact, they told me that there were no buses. I sat for a bit cursing Lonely Planet for not having a map of Yanzhou but eventually managed to find written directions in the book. Soon I was in a bus and on my way to the home of Confucius.

One in Qufu I had no problem finding the street of the hotel I wanted. I just couldn't find the hotel. After dozens of pedicab drivers tried to take me for a ride and several people pointed me in different directions I had had it. I threw my LP guide on the ground cursing it. I then wrote a list of reasons about why LP sucks. My complaints ranged from a lack of timely updates, poor translations and inadequate maps, to the writers are a bunch of stinky wankers.

When I called down I compared the characters on the buildings in the area I thought it was. Eventually I found it, it was closed. However, there was an Internet cafe in the building. I quickly found the local HI hostel. After spending some time watching Little Britain USA I went to the hostel. I was famished and ate right after checking in. I also figured out that I would have enough time to see everything the next day. I wasn't much in the mood for playing tourist and fighting thru crowds of Chinese tourists who wanted pictures with me while giving the peace sign.

Instead I wrote for a bit but eventually just watched movies. Dinner was a bit difficult. The only things on the menu were either breakfast or had unconsumable bits of animals in them. I went for cookies and chips instead.

I pretty much just watched movies before calling it a night.

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