Wednesday, June 3, 2009

No Way, No How

Day 449
After breakfast at the hostel I headed out. I had wanted to see some of the tombs on the nearby Zijin Mountain.

After what seemed like a long bus ride I got off and began to walk up the mountain. When I got to the tombs I saw that they were really over priced. I just couldn't justify spending that type of money on seeing a rebuilt tomb of some guy that I've never heard of. Instead I just headed back into town.

I then visited a cheap DVD shop and picked up a few for about 14 cents each. I did buy a few more expensive ones. On the bus to the shop I had seen an internet cafe sign. I had tried to remember where it was but ended up just giving up and going back to the hostel after a while. The internet there was really crap and I was anxious to try and send Rose some updates.

After dinner I watched the movies I had bought and struggled to stay awake. I had a 1:30 am train. I was really happy when it was time to leave and I could finally get to bed.

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