Thursday, July 16, 2009


Day 491

I got myself up early and had the yummy hostel breakfast. I then walked the 15 minutes to the Kremlin. Yesterday when I had walked by the line had been massive. Today there wasn't a line at all. The guard spoke to me in Russian and when I gave him a confused face he told me in English that it was closed but would be open at 11 the next day. I must have still looked confused because he asked me if I spoke English. I was confused though, Lying Planet had said that it would be open. Stupid guidebook.

Irritated I walked back to the hostel to regroup. I watched a movie online and then contemplated going to a monastery. I decided against it in the end. Instead I went to check out the pedestrian only Arbat St. Over lunch I wrote in my journal and then moved onto a German beer place to finish up. I really wanted to get up to date and didn't stop until I was at the day before.

That evening I just sort of hung around the hostel and read. Sometimes I chatted with the other people around, but there wasn't a whole lot of people to talk to. In the end I just called it an early night.

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