Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Day 490
I was up shockingly early and didn't have to complete for a shower. I then headed straight to Red Square.

After a short walk I was in line to see Lenin, the last of the on display dead communists. The line took about 20 minutes and after checking my camera I was in. I had him all to myself. It was creepy, but he was definitely a dead person, not like Mao. After visiting Lenin I walked by the burial spots of other communists, including Stalin. I didn't have my camera and I can't read Russian anyway so it didn't know who was who.

After getting my camera back I was really in Red Square, I couldn't believe it. I was in Red Square, I have to write it again to make it real. My first stop was the State History Museum. The building was really interesting and each room was decorated differently. Nothing was in English so after glancing at the objects I moved on.

I then crossed the square to St. Basils Cathedral, built in 1561. If one building defines Russia this is it. It was amazing but crowded so I didn't stay long.

As I headed out I passed a look alike Lenin and Czar Nicholas, you could get your picture taken with both. I also passed Stalin. Peter the Great and Catherine the Great were also there, it was just weird because they lived during different time periods.

My last to do was a train ticket. Luckily there was a girl nearby who spoke English and helped me. I ended up with a very late train out on Friday night.

That evening I went with a Russian girl who was in my room for a beer. She was frustrated with the Czech visa procedure, she was trying to go to school there to live closer to her boyfriend. We chatted for a bit before calling it a night.


Rose said...

Funny how that building in your pictures just reminds me of Disneyworld! I expect to see Goofy waving from the doorway. :)

Julie said...

I really like this photo of you; you can tell you're happy to be there.

Btw, I seem to recall (from BnA) that you saved a bundle before you left. Are you just traveling until you run out of money? You've been gone quite some time ;)

DresdenFae said...

I'm not sure if its until I run out of money, or maybe just out of steam!