Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The End

Day 489
My train was set to arrive in Moscow at 6:30 am. For unknown reasons everyone was up around 5. I tried to sleep but they were too loud. I ended up just sitting there thinking about how this was the end of the transiberian for me. I couldn't believe that such a huge travel to do had been checked off of my list. Once in Moscow it was only minutes before I found the metro and was on my way to the hostel. When I got off I felt like I had to walk forever, but it was really only 10 minutes. I checked in and jumped right into the shower before having some breakfast.

Once I had eaten I headed out to the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. This foreign art museum was one of the best I had been to in ages, plus pictures were allowed. There were Greek statues, pieces from Syria, India and even some mummies. The European collection consisted of icons and statues and bits of cathedrals. There were also copies of Michelangelo's David and the Peita in the Vatican. The array of states was breath taking. I must be back in Europe now because I'm loving the art again.

I was about to head to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior when I saw a Peter the Great statue that I had thought was in the Crimea in the distance. I thought screw the church, I wanna see Peter. After a lot of walking I finally got a good angle for pictures. The statue is a bit funny, Peter is bigger than the boat!

After some lunch I stopped at the State Tretyakou Gallery. Lying Planet had said hat it was all icons, but it was actually Russian art for the past really long time. It was quite good, but no photography allowed so I had to write down the names of the paintings I liked.

When I was done my dogs were really barking. Before going back to the hostel I picked up some food for the next few days.That night I found out that the hostel was brand new and run by an American. For decoration and fun there were stuffed rats and sharks hanging around. It was quite funny when the rats got into the candy bowl. My internal clock is very confused right now. In the last 15 days I've been in 6 different time zones and the long train rides with little to do besides sleep didn't help much. I was out really early that night

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