Sunday, July 12, 2009

Continuing the Theme

Day 487
After a late breakfast I headed out with the Irish couple. I was continuing the Romanov theme by heading to Ganina Yama. As the anniversary of the murders is close and it was as Sunday the bus was packed and we had to stand for most of the ride.

After the Romanovs were shot their bodies were dumped in the middle of the forest. All but two of the remains were found in 1976 and the dug up and reburied in 1991. The last two children were found in 2007. Over the decades several people came forward saying that they were the missing Romanov’s. Despite DNA tests some Russians still hold out hope that somehow there is still a Romanov heir out there somewhere. Ganina Yamma is going to be a large monastery complex when completed on the site that bones were found. We only had about 40 minutes and spent most of it looking at Romanov family photos. We had a few moments to pop into one of the buildings before heading back. At the entrance we left our grossly stained borrowed skirts that women must wear.

Once back in Yekaterinburg we had lunch and then went our separate ways. I headed to the hostel to chat with some friends and to work on the blog. I eventually ran to the supermarket to pick up food for my long train ride the next day. Back at the hostel I cooked dinner, including frying cucumbers. I had really thought it was a zucchini when I bought it. Everyone was laughing at me. I tried to sleep early, but was nervous about missing my very early train so I hardly slept.


Rose said...

How did the fried cucumbers taste? :) Maybe you invented a new delicacy!

DresdenFae said...

It tasted like hot cucumbers, not so good!