Saturday, July 25, 2009


Day 500
The hostel I was staying at was the same one that I had stayed at my first time in London 7 years ago. You would have thought that I would have had an easier time finding it the night before! With all the time changing I'd been doing I was up early, but that was good, this place served breakfast rather early.

After eating I had a few hours to kill before meeting up with Edward. I walked by the Camden locks and watched the market vendors set up. When I lived here I would take an long lunch every Saturday and come up here. I used to eat at a crepe stand that isn't there any more. It's been replaced by a large building and indoor shops. Ahh, the march of time and gentrification. This was the third time I'd been here though since the building went up. Now it looks like it belongs. I wonder how that happens?

Eventually I found a super cheap internet cafe and caught up on my emails before heading back to the hostel where I was meeting Edward.

The two of us had thought about going to Brighton for the day but decided against it at the last minute. Instead we hopped on the tube and headed to Leicester Square. We ended up at a really nice wine bar, it was just a bit too early to drink though so we ordered some orange juice and checked out the cellar-like place. We then went to Trafalgar Square where there is an empty statue pedestal. I forget why, but for a certain amount of time every half an hour there was a different person on the pedestal doing whatever they wanted to. We saw a guy in a cape, he was shouting stuff, but it wasn't very loud and I couldn't hear him.

Back on the tube we headed to a market. By now we were hungry and stopped by a pub for some fish and chips. This is a requirement every time I come to the UK. I don't even care much for fish, but I guess that most things taste ok when they are fried! Afterwards we wandered up to Coven Garden and watched a man juggle chain saws. Eventually we ended up at Waxy O'Connell's for some drinks.

We'd been walking around all day and decided to call it an early night. We said goodbye on the tube and I went back to the hostel and quickly fell asleep.

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