Sunday, July 26, 2009

Half Blood

Day 501
I was up stupid early again and went back to the internet cafe after some breakfast. Edward met me around lunch time and we wandered around the Camden Market stalls for a while. A lot of the stuff for sale were things that I had seen and even bought in SEA, China and India. The prices were unbelievable! I'm glad that I bought those things where they cost $2, not where they cost $20!

Edward and I then wandered thru Regents Park and down to Leicester Square. I think he was a bit surprised that we had walked so far After a quick lunch at Weatherspoons (an inexpensive pub chain) we had to hurry to make our movie in time. We were going to see Harry Potter! It was really nice to see the movie not only in the UK but also on the biggest screen in the country. Edward had booked the tickets ahead of time to ensure that we would have good seats. The movie was really very good, I can't wait for the next, and last, one!

After the movie we went back to Waxy O'Connell's for a few drinks. Unfortunately Edward has one of those job things and had to be up in the morning to go to work. Before parting we made plans to meet up in Budapest in a month or so. Once again we said goodbye on the tube.

It was only about 11 so I spent some time online before calling it a night.

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