Monday, July 27, 2009


Day 502
I really hated that I had to leave London the next day and was really sort of lazy with waking up. It was also Monday, the day that most museums are closed so I didn't really have a lot to do. After some internet time I headed to Piccadilly Circus to return the plane ticket that I was forced to buy when I left for Bangkok about 8 months ago.

At the office I found out that they only return cash payments as checks and that they don't send things to the US. After a few phone calls they told me that I could probably get cash in the morning and that I should come back. I was a bit disappointed because I thought I would have a lot of cash to spend. I still needed to do some shopping though, I've been tossing a lot of clothes recently and was down to only one pair of pants.

After shopping I headed back to Camden and hung out in my hostel room and fell asleep for a bit. I then went to the internet cafe to make some phone calls and check my email. This is when I found out that Sarah, one of the girls I had stayed with last time I was here, had to work at the last minute and needed to cancel on me. I gave her a quick call and she gave me directions to her place so that I could pick up the winter clothes that I had left here prior to my last minute SEA departure. I also called Edward to see if he would like to meet up again.

When my internet time was up I headed up the Northern line to Sarah's flat and picked up my things. It felt good to be reunited with my European guidebooks. It's too bad that I didn't get to catch up with Sarah as well though. I then headed further north to meet up with Edward. It was Monday and the pub was dead but it was a really nice place. We drank some Magners and chatted for a few hours. It has been so nice to spend the weekend with Edward and to be in London.

I went back to the hostel and fell quickly asleep.

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