Friday, July 10, 2009

A Fine Day

Day 485
I slept in a bit but was still up before everyone else. Once I had showered and eaten I headed out.

My first stop was the very nice Fine Arts Museum. I'm a bit of a dummie though and circled the place twice before realizing that the entrance was from the basement. The collection was quite nice and began with cast iron statues. liked the part on icons the best. I don't know what it is about the Orthodox artwork, but I really love it. Maybe it's all the cold and vibrant colors. There was also a small section with more contemporary Russian art.

After the museum I wandered along side the river for a bit and then around town. I even found another Lenin statue. A long pedestrian shopping street had a lot of weird statues on it including a man feeding his horse and a cuddling couple.

At this point I headed back to the hostel and met my new English roommates. After dinner we bought beer and played a few drinking games. I couldn't decide if I was too old or if it didn't matter because I was having fun. I was the first person to call it a night though!

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