Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Return

Day 484
The two other people in my room were from Italy and they invited me to go with them to the boarder of Asia and Europe. They were leaving that night and I waited while the packed up their things. Soon we headed out in a cab that Katia had called for us.

The site was sorta like a state line in the US. The city of Yekateringburg (Y-burg from now on), is technically in Asia. This was my first step in Europe in almost 8 months. It is also a rather corny tourist site. On top of the gift shop there was a chicken and a dragon representing Europe and Asia, respectively. I thought the chicken was funny but later found out from Katia that there was some sort of art exhibit around town that had chickens and that the owner just took one. After several funny pictures we headed back into the city.

We were all pretty famished at this point and got some sushi. Russians must love it as there are places for it every where! By the time we were done it had started raining and we decided to just go back to the hostel. It wasn't long before the Italian girls had to leave and we said our goodbyes.

That evening I hung out in the hostel and chatted with the other people staying there, including 3 guys from Dresden, before calling it a night.

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