Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Train Time

Day 483
I slept late, what else is there to do on a long train ride? I read for a while before falling asleep again. A few of the people around me tried to chat with me, but no one spoke much English so that didn't last long.

When I went to the restaurant car for a cold drink I tried to find some where to charge my ipod. I found a free plug in a wagon that wasn't mine. After a few minutes the provodnitsa came and yelled at me and said that the plugs were for phones. I would have happily given it up, but there were others around that were free too, no one needed it. I told her that she was really mean several times before heading back to my car where I did find a free and functioning plug and no one yelled at me.

It was 11 pm when my train arrived at Yekaterinburg but still light out. Public transport had stopped so I had arranged with my hostel, Meeting Place, to have a cab. It was there waiting for me and in a few minutes I was at the hostel. Meeting Place was run by Katia in her grandmothers old apartment. She was super friendly and I knew right away that I would really like staying there. Most of the other guests had gone out so after some internet time I fell asleep.

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