Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Long Goodbye

Day 497
I was up late and feeling really gross. It wasn't really a hangover, but just exhaustion. I had been really busy in St. Petersburg and hadn't been sleeping well. Plus, I was itching every where from the stupid mossies. After breakfast I got the receptionist to try and book me on a Rasputin tour. Unfortunately they don't have tours in English. I ended up just hanging out at different parks reading.

As my day was boring I thought I would tell you how Rasputin died. He was basically a peasant that came to St. Petersburg as a mystic. Despite his creepy appearance he was very charismatic and every woman wanted him. His massive penis is actually on display in some medical college here. The youngest Romanov and future Czar was a hemophiliac. Somehow Rasputin could hypnotize him, even other the phone, to stop bleeding. As you can imagine this gave him a lot of control over the monarchy. A lot of people were not happy about this and wanted him taken care of.

Rasputin was invited to Yusupov Palace for a party. He was then fed cyanide laced food and alcohol. Much to the dismay of his would be murderers this didn't kill him. He was almost impervious to it as he was a very heavy drinker. To move things along faster someone got a gun and shot him several times. They then left his body alone to get something to transport him in. When they came back he was gone. Rasputin didn't get very far though, he was found just outside. His murders then proceeded to beat the crap out of him. He was then tied up and thrown into the Neva river. A few days later his body was found with his arms in an upward positions and water in his lungs. After all that he had actually drowned.

That was much more interesting than my day. I spent a bit of time online before calling it an early night.

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