Thursday, July 23, 2009


Day 498
I was up early but couldn't get much done until after 11 when the laundromat opened. I figured that it would just take about an hour and then I could go and see the bread museum. Instead I sat there for an unbelievable 3 hours! Luckily I did get a lot of writing done while I was there.

After my laundry was done I was really hungry and went for lunch. There wasn't really enough time for the museum at this point, it was a bit far away, so I decided to just go shopping. I was just really in shock at how much everything cost. I miss the markets in Asia and India that were so cheap that I could have everything I wanted. Here I was limited to just buying a few things.

When I had finished shopping I had some dinner and then went to the internet cafe. I wanted to get as much blogging done as possible. When this was over I went back to the hostel and got my self as organized as possible before just calling it an early night.

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