Friday, July 31, 2009

Wrong City, Wrong Country

Day 506
I was up early and packed. I ran into Sam. We grabbed some breakfast and then went to the main square. Sam wanted to shop and marveled over every tacky item that you see all over the world. I eventually said that I needed to move on to the supermarket and he got the hint.

After picking up provisions I chilled at the hostel until it was time to leave for my train. I was a bit panicked from the beginning because it was late and I had little room for error.

As you can imagine my train was late and I missed my connection to Lviv by about 2 minutes. I actually saw the damned thing pulling out as we pulled in. I then had a highly annoying 45 minute wait to change my reservation and spend an extra $25 on a new one. After that I got a hostel thru the tourist office and a van took me there.

The hostel was actually a college dormitory that rented beds during the summer Here I met Welsh Tom and we headed out for drinks. Not only was I in the w wrong city, but the wrong freaking country. A few beers felt justified.

When we went back to the hostel room 3 Germans from Leipzig were there. They traveled around Europe to support the Leipzig soccer team. In each city they would graffiti the teams name somewhere. Why can't I ever have normal roommates?

It had been a long day and I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

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