Saturday, August 1, 2009

What Happens

Day 507
I had to check out early, but the German guys were so loud at 6 am that I didn't need to set my alarm. This hostel actually had a coed communal shower, one room with lots of shower heads. What a nightmare! Luckily the door to th whole room locked. I just moved very quickly to not tie it up.

After breakfast I went in search of an internet cafe. It took some time to find a cheap one but I did. I spend a few hours just kinda messing around. Not only have I been to Budapest already, but I'm meeting Edwad here in September and I wanted to wait on site seeing.

When I couldn't come up with anything else to do online I went back to the hostel to write in my journal.

As I had gotten a ride here I had no idea how to get back to the train station. The directions I was given were not very good, no one mention that I would have to go up a bridge. One of my worst fears came true, I tripped with my pack on. I read a short story were a girl broke her arm that way. Luckily I just jammed my wrist. The trams were confusing because the ticket machines didn't work. I had to just jump on. Luckily I didn't get caught.

Once at the train station I waited for the train and was very happy to get on it this time. Soon I was asleep.

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