Sunday, August 2, 2009

Welcome to the Ukraine!

Day 508
I was woken up by the very nice woman on the bunk below me when it was time to get off the hostel I was staying at offered train station pickup and I had e-mailed them about it. I just hadn't have the time to see if they responded. After about 15 minutes of waiting I gave up and tried to walk there myself. Of course they had given really crap direction and I didn't have a map. I think that fact that I actually found it (by asking for help in a pharmacy) is testament to my sharply honed travel skills. When I arrived the man said that he had been there but hadn't seen me. He the added that he was surprised that I had found the place on my own. I wanted to make a snide remark about how is directions were of no help, but didn't.

After changing and showering, well in the opposite order, I headed off in search of food. It was one of those days where I just couldn't find anything and ended up at McDonalds. A least it was airconditioned.

Once eating my first stop was the Lviv Art Gallery. It was ok, not nearly as good as the city guide made it out to be. Most of the works were Polish.

After a short walk thru the very pretty Svobody Prospect I found the National Museum. It was really rather odd because all the doors were shut and they checked my ticket at each section. The icons were quite old and interesting but poorly cared for. That always makes me sad. Upstairs had more paintings than objects. At this point I was on the tired side and decided to do some blog work. I wasn't able to upload at either of the internet cafe's I found so I just gave up.

I then ended up walking to the train station and getting my ticket out of the city. On the way back I stopped for some pizza for dinner. The place was called New York Pizza. What an incredibly American day for me.

A very annoying girl from York spent 40 minutes in the hostels one bathroom. I could have killed here. Instead I gave her dirty looks before I went to sleep. Actually, I contemplated peeing on her bed, but that would have just been immature and very gross.

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