Sunday, August 23, 2009


Day 529
I was feeling a bit better when I woke up. After breakfast I packed my bags and headed straight to the train station. I had to pass by the same gypsy kids that I hadn't given money to the day before and they were extra annoying.

The ride wasn't long and soon I was at Brasov. A short cab ride later I as at the hostel. The sign on the bedroom read "keep noise down after 10 pm so that everyone can have vampire dreams." I think mine will be full of Edward Cullen!

I was hungry for lunch and headed straight to the downtown area. Brasov is a very beautiful city that was just recently restored. It looks all spiffy and new.

After lunch I checked out the history museum but it wasn't very good. I think that I need to just stop going to these. When I was done I spent some time at the internet cafe. I may have done some blogging, I don't know though. I'm so far behind at this point that if I didn't take a picture of it I'm having problems remembering. At least I take a lot of pictures.

When I left the internet cafe it was pouring down rain. I was wearing my glasses and had the choice of rain drop covered glasses or blurry vision. Everything looked different in the dark and I was soaked thru. I couldn't find the hostel for anything. Finally I just asked the first person who walked by for help. It turned out to be one of the guys who was at the hostel in Suceava. He knew where we were and could read the street signs, I could not. He was very nice and walked me back to my hostel.

After putting on some dry clothes I made myself dinner and then spent the rest of the night watching movies in the common room with other guests.

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