Monday, August 24, 2009

League of their Own

Day 530
I slept in because there wasn't much for me to do and I was still feeling a bit sick. It was Monday and everything was closed. I would have moved on, but I wanted to do a castle tour the following day.

Instead I planned on wandering aimlessly and check out the Black Church. The church was built between 1385 and 1477 by German merchants. It would have been finished earlier but there were some Turkish invasions. It was strange to see everything in German in Romania. I really wish that I could have taken pictures, it was really quite beautiful.

Brasov is definitely a cute little city, but I don't think that it's spectacular. During my few hours of wandering I felt like I was taking pictures that I already had. So many of the places that I have been recently look just the same. I remember Olomouc's in the CR, with all of the crazy things on the buildings, or the gnomes in Wroclaw, Poland. I haven't seen a city with something different in a long time. They just seem like collections of nicely redone streets.

When I was done I went back to the internet cafe and did I don't know what. At least it wasn't raining when I left this time.

After making myself some dinner I watched a few movies before calling it an early night.

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