Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Day 517
I was up early and attempted to shower. Like the day before the water ran out after about 3 minutes. Literally there wasn't anything coming out of the spout. I had washed my hair the day before and tried to get the rest of me in the short time I had today. I felt really gross.

My ipod, camera, and alarm clock all have the time on them. I try to keep them in sync but somehow they all had different times on them. I ended up going with the earliest one and was out of my hotel room by 10 am.

At the bus station the line was horrendous and took forever. You would have thought it was rocket science. How long does it take to state your destination, the date, time and number of people traveling and if you have any luggage? I don't even speak the stupid language and I manage it in under a minute! My NYC attitude came out as well. Two girls who were 3 people in front of me were chatting and didn't notice a middle aged woman and a woman younger than me trying to cut in front of them. Thank goodness one of them spoke just a bit of English and understood me when I said something to them. Everyone was looking at me like I was nuts, but the girls were irritated too and yelled at them. The middle aged woman left right away but the younger one tried to argue that she was only one person. It was one of those things that you could understand even not knowing the language. I shot back that I was only one person as well and that I had been waiting for 40 minutes with a 13 kilo bag on my back and that there was no way in hell that she would be getting in front of me. I may have also added that if she tried I would shove my bag so far up her ass that it would come out of her ears. I said this very fast and I doubt anyone understood me, no one seemed to react to it anyway. The nice girls yelled at her again and she went away. I thanked them and it was soon my turn.

When I was buying my ticket the woman kept asking me things and unlike when I normally give answers she just kept not understanding me. Luckily a man in line behind me translated enough for me to answer correctly. Perhaps she was the reason the line was so long!

The bus ride was only two hours and soon I was back in Simferopl with nothing to do. I headed to the internet cafe but it soon shut down for about an hour. Luckily they let me hang out there so I didn't have to move my stuff. When it started up again I just messed around even though I was meant to work on the blog.

Once on the train a nice man helped me get my bed roll down from the top bunk, I didn't really need the help, but it turned out that he wanted to practice his English. He told me that he was headed to Odessa to have a meeting with his owner, I think he meant boss. After about an hour I told him that I was going to go to sleep.

Around midnight a man got on the train who had the bed opposite me. He actually sounded like a horse when he snored. Needless to say, I didn't sleep so well.

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