Monday, August 31, 2009


Day 536
When I woke up I went to the small market thing a few doors down and bough some eggs for breakfast. By the time I was ready to go to the city center the guy who owned the hostel said that he would come with me and show me around a bit. We had to wait some time for the bus, but it eventually came. We walked around the 18th century Nis fort. This is really just an overgrown park with random ruins it it and some cafes.

After picking up a map at the tourist office he went back to the hostel and I headed to the site I had come here to see. It was closed as it was Monday. This made me very angry and meant that I had nothing to do for the day. I picked up some food at a supermarket and then took a cab back to the hostel. The whole bus thing was just so confusing. I took a nap and then got up to eat. I watched a movie on the computer for a bit. Eventually the guy who owned the hostel and some of his friends had a bbq in the back yard and invited me to join them. It was really yummy and they were really nice guys. Around 2 am I went to sleep.

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