Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Day 537
When I woke up I decided to forget the bus and walked for about 1.5 hours to see the thing I came here to see.

In 1809, when Serbia was under Ottoman control, there was an uprising in which 10,000 Turks were klled. To punish the Serbs the Turks had 959 heads of the Serbs killed in battle built into a tower. Over the centures some people made off with the skull and there are only about 50 left in situ. This is one of hte creepyist things I have sver seen. You really have to see it ot believe it. I've seen a lot of creepy things on this trip, but this about takes the cake. I took a load of pictures.

When I was done I had some Serbian bbq from a roadside stand and then headed back to the hostel. I could have left for Belgrade, but I was being lazy. I also meant to write in my journal, but ended up taking a nap instead. After dinner I watched a movie online and then called it an early night.

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