Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Day 538
I was up early and packed quickly. I had an early bus to Belgrade. The ride was uneventful as I slept thru most of it.

This was my second time in Belgrade and I had picked a hostel very close to the train station. At first I thought that I would wander around for a bit and see what had changed, but it was just too hot. I ended up at an internet cafe with super slow internet.

Eventually I ended up back at the hostel to shower and watch movies. After dinner I joined a large group of people for drinks at the hostel.

I was doing the normal backpacker meet and great (aka backpacker hell) explaining my back story and answering the same questions. This time I had a different answer for one of the questions, when would I be going home. I had just booked my ticket home about an hour before and I was finally able to say October 20, and yes, I was very very excited. A jack ass 19 year old Canadian guy who heard that I had been on the road for just about 18 months at this point and that I was happy to see the end actually said "well, travel isn't for everyone." Travel isn't for you, ass hole! Luckily he went out with a group of people while I stayed in and chatted for a bit longer before calling it a night.

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