Thursday, August 6, 2009


Day 512
Up late again due to the snorer I tried to hurry thru my shower and breakfast to get out and see things.

The goal of the day was to visit the Lavra Monastery. It wasn't that far away and I decided to walk. The problem was that there were a lot of turns. I crawled into my own little world while walking and forgot to make one of the lefts. By the time I had realized my mistake I was in a suburb. Opps. It took me ages to get back to where I needed to be and there just wasn't enough time to see the place in th time I had left.

Instead I hit an internet cafe and did a lot of typing. Afterwards I went to the supermarket and picked up dinner and wine. The Crimea is known for its good wine and I wanted to try some of it.

That night I went to a park with some of the other people at the hostel. It was really nice to sit outside and chat. It's just stupid that we can't have alcohol outside in the States.

The wine helped me sleep thru the snorer and I finally got to sleep at a reasonable hour.

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