Friday, August 7, 2009

Where's Mummy?

Day 513
I was up early, finally, and took the metro this time to the Lara Monastery. Visiting here is to the Orthodox Church is what visiting the Vatican is for Catholics. Plus, there are mummy's!

The churches were beautiful, but half of them were closed, including the entrance to the mummy caves. No fair! After a few hours I was churched out and I left. I think I'm sick of churches.

I then proceeded to get horribly lost and walked for about an hour before I found the metro stop again. At this point it was yucky and raining. When I got back to the hostel I ended up hiding from the rain by watching a move called the Orphan (not the scary one, but a Spanish language one) and the Family Guy episodes before calling it a night.

The hostel was over booked because the snorer had asked to stay at the last minute. The girls were going to move them into the seldom used top bunk in their room but when I mentioned that he snored they decided to move me instead. Not only did I have to climb up and down with out a ladder (I almost took out another person getting down) but they kept turning the lights on and off all night. I don't know what was worse!

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