Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Moving Fast

Day 525
I was up early and I had a lot to do. After some breakfast I headed right out.

After a short walk and about a gazillin steps I reached the statue of Stephan the Great. He was a king of some sort. I then headed to the citadel built in 1375. It was mostly a ruin, but still fun to explore. I also watched some guys practice on horses for a jousting match.

My next stop was the outdoor village museum. It had traditional homes from all over Romania. It was pretty good. I about had a heart attack when I walked into one of the houses. I hadn't expected to see manquins standing around a coffin with a dead manquin in it and wailing music playing in the back ground. My favorite was the church because I was able to take pictures in it.

After some lunch I made a stop at Biserica Domnitelor Church. It was very simple and pretty. This was followed by the Saint Damitru Church. It was very simple and pretty, the frescos on the outside were faded, but the ones inside we really very amazing. It was also nice to understand so much of the symbolism after the tour the day before.

I then headed to the history museum, it wasn't very good and nothing was in English. The folk museum was slightly better, however the basement was very creepy.

After some time on the internet (where I lost and then found my jacket) I made dinner at the hostel. That evening I chatted with the other people there before calling it a night.

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