Thursday, August 20, 2009

Get Out!

Day 526
I was up early and Monica drove me to the train station as she was picking up some more people. The train ride was rather uncomfortable. I really should have taken the night train. The scenery was quite nice though.

When I got to Cluj a nice local helped me find the bus. I found the street but had written down the wrong address. Luckily there was an internet cafe right there and I was able to get the right address quickly.

I then grabbed some food and went to the internet cafe. I typed up the blog for some time before heading back to the hostel. I showered and laid down for a bit. I still had a head cold, but I didn't want it to stop me from going on the pub crawl that night.

A few hours later I left with a group of people for not really a pub crawl, but a hang out at a place for the evening that was up a really big hill. The group was small and everyone was really friendly and chatty. It was a really nice night out.

When I got back to the hostel I threw my purse on my bed, well on the Swedish guy who was sleeping in my bed. The asshole had checked out but decided at the last minute to stay and just took the bed he had the night before. I had a lot of stuff on the bed, mostly my pj's, contact stuff and ipod charger. All the things I would want to have easy access to when I got back late. He had just put them on the floor. Who the hell does that? After some name calling and a lot of foul language I had to face the facts. I didn't want to sleep in the bed that his stinky ass had been in. I had to move all of my things in the middle of the night to another room. I had slept in that bed earlier and I coughed and snotted all over that pillow. I hope that asshole catches my cold! This all comes back to the feeling that some travelers seem to have, that staying in a hostel gives you a free pass to behave badly.

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